We want to deserve our existence 

Resteröds have been around for over 80 years. Our existence is dependent on the earth's resources, so, therefore, we must adjust to the environment and not the other way around. Our work is consistent. We inspect every detail, twist and turn on choices of material, always searching for alternatives. 

We have cotton that is organic. We use bamboo that is a fast-growing resource. Lyocell that demands less water in its production and is said to be the material of the future. Our packaging is going through a big change, from plastic to recycled cardboard, with boats to ship instead of by air. Our labels have become less coated to take away the poising wax and are now made of recycled materials to shield our planet. But above all, our production cycles are long and the garments are made to stay fashionable over time. 
We are still working on a small scale where production is made from smaller family businesses, just like our roots in Ljungskile. We work with smaller factories, with good relations and high CSR-demands (Corporate Social Responsibility). We make sure that the factories impact society in a positive way when it comes to social, financial and environmental aspects. 





Our Bamboo-Viscose

The bamboo plant is one of the most sustainable plants on earth.

It is fast-growing and requires no additional water. The process of converting the 

Plant to fiber normally requires big amounts of water and chemicals, but our bamboo fiber is produced in a closed-loop system meaning that water and chemicals are reused. Our bamboo grows in a FSC-and Organic-certified forest. For our Bamboo underwear we mix the bamboo with long fiber organic cotton to make the product strong and long lasting.

Organic cotton

We are making the switch from conventional cotton to organic cotton. Our own 

Factory are now GOTS certified. The benefits of organic cotton are many, but mostly

we want to contribute to a natural environment without the use of toxic chemicals and GMO (genetically modified organisms). 

Organic cotton is also better for everyone who works with the cotton, as they are not exposed to chemicals and pesticides that can be harmful to health. Organically grown cotton also contributes to better air and cleaner water.


Lyocell is one of the most sustainable materials made from wood pulp, usually from fast growing wood like eucalyptus. This makes it a biodegradable product. Its manufacture does not produce by-products harmful to health or the planet, while cellulose, its main ingredient, is obtained from well-managed FSC forests.

Lyocell is made in a closed loop which means that 99% of all chemicals is reused.

Lyocell has several good properties, for example, Lyocell transports moisture 50% better than cotton, is durable and antibacterial.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester lessens our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials. It reduces both carbon dioxide emissions & water usage compared to 

new produced polyester. The energy use and the use of chemicals in production is lower as well.









Social responsibility

All producers we work with must sign our CSR requirements where, among other things, we demand a high standard in workplace conditions, we have zero tolerance against all kind of discrimination. due to race, sexuality or otherwise. Full requirements can be found under CSR on our website. Our own underwear factory in Lithuania is GOTS certified, GOTS is not only demanding that the production of fabric and product are good and sustainable in all leads, but also on workplace conditions and health.

We are a member of BSCI, which provide us with the necessary tools to work with our suppliers towards better social conditions for the workers. All our suppliers in China has an A-rating in BSCI- the best rating you can achieve. 

Our office in Fujian Province China, makes it possible to visit most of the factories on a daily basis. 

Our producer in Portugal complies with our CSR and is one of the leading producers of sustainability in Porto.

Chemical restrictions

All suppliers must sign our Chemical Restrictions, which is based on requirements from REACH and Oeko -Tex.

We have created our own test program in which we test the products for harmful chemicals before approving production. Furthermore,most of our products comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which have strict requirements to the use of chemicals.

FSC- Forest Stewardship Council

We are making all hangtags, paper emballages and other paper related articles in 

FSC-certified paper. This guarantees that the wood used for the paper related articles is sourced responsibly. In a FSC-Certified forest, no more trees are felled than the forest can manage to reproduce itself, and animals and plant life are protected.

Trims and woven labels

Our hangtag is made of FSC paper, and we have changed the cotton string to hemp since it is alkalising the soil when the hemp grows. We have removed the safety pin and the posion wax on the hangtag to make it as eco friendly as possible. 

All our woven labels & wash care instructions are made from recycled polyester.

we love the forest

we love the forest


We want to give back to Mother Earth. We’re doing the best we can to contribute to make this world greener and more sustainable.

By planting trees we can help with reducing CO2. Trees also absorbs noise and pollution. It helps creating soil health, filter the rainwater and protect our rivers,

lakes and oceans from stormwater pollution. Trees improves biodiversity. There 

are so many more benefits of planting trees-but here are some of them.

We are planting trees together with Vi-skogen, you can read about them here.