Interview with Ricki Samhall


Resteröds brand Ambassador

Instagram: @rickisamhall

Resteröds: Hi Ricki, how are you?

Ricki: Good Morning guys, I’m doing well, thank you for asking, keeping my head down, working trying to keep a positive head during these peculiar lockdown times here in the Uk. 


Resteröds: How do you navigate these times we are in right now 2021?

Ricki: Having a good structure for the day. Starting the day with some good coffee, a 10k run  and cook a big breakfast. The afternoon I would do some work for my brands and the evening play some PlayStation to unload a little. Starting the year in lockdown has been testing and difficult for everyone. We all have to do our positive bits to get us through each day otherwise they all just blur into one. 


Resteröds: Biggest adventure you been on?

Ricki: My favourite place to travel too for the last few years has been Bali, I do 1/2 months there each year. It’s great for the soul and to get everything back on track. It’s a great place to be sober and and getting in shape. I often jump on my little Honda CR150 trials bike and ride for days on end not knowing where I will end up. Staying in little apartments along the way. It’s brilliantly liberating. Bali is the place that anything you want to do is possible. Plus the golf is fantastic there. 


Resteröds: How was your brand Indigo and Goods born?

Ricki:  Indigo and Goods was born in 2017 in the Isle of Wight festival by a friend of mine, David Rix. We knew each other since having his shop on Newburgh street just off carnaby in london. We met for lunch a few months later and the brand was born. It’s all made in England, which we are very passionate about. 


 Resteröds: What are you passionate about?

Ricki:  sustainable fashion and Golf 


Resteröds: What is your life wiew?

Ricki:  Act now! Don’t doubt yourself, too many people wish they had done more things on the spur of the moment, wish they took the opportunity when it came to them. I don’t want to get old and have regrets that I never did something. Life is short, let’s make it as fun as possible. Every day. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself trying something new either. It’s all good fun. 


Resteröds: How was your life 10 years ago?

Ricki:  my life was a lot different 10 years ago. I had been in london just 1 year so I was doing the circuit, with my new model agency and all the parties and after parties, I was drinking and smoking a lot, partying way too much and eating rubbish food. I’m a lot healthier now haha,  But I had a great time. 


Resteröds: How do you look at sustainability in regards of fashion, is it important for you?

Ricki: Sustainability is a huge passion for me as previously mentioned. Not just for my brand but for the brands I wear and work with. 

Every piece I and my customers wear tells a story, it’s not disposable fashion. 

Resteröds: What is your relationship to Resteröds?

Ricki: I’ve been a fan of Resteröds since 2018 do to their subtle and staple wardrobe pieces. I’ve been lucky enough to spark a relationship with these guys and I pretty much wear a piece from their collection everyday. I particularly love their underwear. 


Resteröds: Thank you Ricki! Looking forward to hear more from you soon.