Interview with Mauritz

Mauritz Armfeldt

IG: mauritz_arm

Hi Mauritz,

Welcome home! Tell us, where have you been lately?

Hello Anders! Thank you :) ive been on a trip with the family to Teneriffa! It was the first trip we did with Sten our 4 moth old baby. We where a bit nervous about taking him on a trip when he I so young, for example if he would have screamed the whole time it would not have been so nice… but he has been a really chilled baby so far so we decided to risk it! And the risk payed of! We had an awesome time. Exept for the first week when both Zandra and me got stomach sick and could not leave the hotel… THAT was extreamly challenging, BUT we focus on the positive so we don’t talk about that week!

Luckily we had one more week that we very much enjoyed with awesome hikes and also dad got some sick waves. YEEEEW!

That sounds fantastic. Especially during these grey, muddy days in Stockholm. But normaly you enjoy what Sweden has to offer. What is it you do and why do you like it so much here?

Yes and if im honest, when we herd about the terrible weather in Sweden it felt a little bit better to be gone as well ;) 

But its true as you say, I really do enjoy Stockholm. I can do everything here, Wave surf, Skatebord, Mountainbike, Snowboard, Ski and other rad activities! It might not be the best waves or mountains in the world but still to be able to have everything accessible to your hometown is really something. If im gone to long I start to miss our stormy windbeak waves!

We recently shot the SS23 campaign with you here in Stockholm. I knew you are an amazing long boarder, but you were also heck of a street style skateboarder. What other extremsports do you master and how come you don’t settle for just one sport?

As i mentioned in the answer above I do partake in a fair bit of different sports. I was competing in the Downhill skateboard world tour and did quite alright. I noticed that having reached that level in one sport that it was easier for me to pick up other boardsports! The more different sports I tried and became good at the easier it became to learn something new! It is like they say with languages, the more languages you speak the easier it is to learn a new one.  

I love taking on a new sport and becoming good at it! The problem is to find time to do them all! 

But they all have to have one requirement… THEY NEED TO BE FAST!

Beside sports, what going on in your day-to-day life? Because I know you also have a rich life beside the extremsports. 

Well my life has recently taken a huge turn in a exiting direction! Me and Zandra became parents to our son Sten about for months ago. (Mindblown emoji) I thought that I would have no time for anything and was pretty convinced that it would suck for 3 years before it became fun and you could do serious activities together. But it is like they say, Its different when the kid is yours! Sten is a smiling machine and that smile is very contagious! Also he liked going on hikes with me and Zandra so we are very positive about just living on like we used to. Just bring the kid along. Off course it comes with struggles, its harder to plan, be spontaneous, everything takes longer but that is not so bad.

What motivates you to put so much effort into training and all these different adventures?

For me staying in shape came after I had a bad injury. As I was downhill skateboarding in the Hollywood mountains I went to fast and lost traction. I went in to the oncoming lane in a blind corner and just then a car came. I hit it really hard, dislocating both my shoulders, fracturing my right shoulder, ruptured my spleen, and partly pulled my left PCL. It took a full year of rehab 5hrs a day as I was living in my father’s basement. Not a highlight in my life. But it was at this time I met Zandra and I would not have it any other way! I can still feel my stiff knee and stiff right shoulder and if i slack off on the training for to long I notice that I gets worse. So for me to be able to keep on with my radical sports I need to stay in shape! 

As to why I like the different adventures I don’t know, I just know I like doing them and they make me happy and I try to do what makes me happy as much as I can! 

Finally, any adventures coming up in the nearby future?

Nothing planned but I think we will go up north soon to ski!

Thanks for checking in, we’re looking forward to following you in whatever comes next.

Thank you to! For the rad clothes that you make and for taking an interest in the stuff I do. I Hope someone reads this and becomes inspired to go out and do something!