Interview with Loui Sand

Resteröds brand Ambassador

Instagram: @louisand

Resteröds: Hi Loui, how are you?

Loui: Hey! If I have to answer quite honestly, things are going up and down exactly right now, but it´s the same for all of us I guess. Today is a better day than yesterday anyway, incredibly great!


Resteröds: You were born with a body you could not relate to, which led to a sex change in the beginning of 2019. What has been the most unexpected reactions from yourself and others during this journey?

Loui: This change I am undergoing right now is big and hard in many ways. But I do not regret this for a single second. I refuse to live in the wrong body, it's not worth it for a second and I couldn´t keep on living like that. Now it's finally about living my life for real. The most unexpected thing was probably that everyone was so incredibly positive and supportive of me. Never thought that I would get so much love when I have encountered a lot of racism before, thought this would be another thing to hate. But that never happened! Which I´m so happy and grateful for.


Resteröds: What pushed you to make the decision to undergo the change?

Loui: I had everything planned in my head; I keep play handball until I can no longer cope and then I take my own life.  In the end, I couldn't keep living in the body I was assigned at birth and I did choose to walk the right path. I am incredibly happy that I took my own responsibility and dared to tell family and friends about how I have always felt that I am transsexual. Life gets better!

Resteröds: We all know you in Sweden for playing handball in the Swedish national team for women. How does it feel not to be able to keep on playing because of your gender? How can we move forward as a society?

Loui: Some decisions in life have consequences even if you do not want to, for me it´s a bit about being realistic from time to time. I chose health instead of my job. I've started training handball now, with both guys and girls. It's absolutely wonderful, I need those free endorphins for my wellbeing. I can play together with men later if I want, if I build up myself a bit and seek dispensation. Of course it is a journey in itself as well, but now we live in 2020 and I do not see any obstacles since I have received so incredibly nice response from everyone around me which makes me dare to do what I do today with lecture and to talk openly about my situation. I believe in society and that the good in man wins, we will come forward as long as we talk openly about things, and people start to accept themselves. For the day you do that; you will not have so much hatred towards others.


Resteröds: What are you passionate about?

Loui:  I actually love people. To meet new people and different cultures. It´s one of the best things I know. To learn from others.


Resteröds: You seem to always go after your dreams and succeeding, what´s your next big thing, your next goal to achieve?

Loui: I've always lacked filters, for better or worse. But I want to keep travel around and lecturing and filling chairs. What I am lecturing on is something I am really passionate about. All people's equal value and right- and I´m not alone in regards to that question.


Resteröds: Where are you in five years.. What are you doing?

Loui: In five years I hope to feel better in my mind as well as my body.. To feel integrated with my body as I always wanted to. To have managed all the operations.


Resteröds: How do you look at sustainability in regards of fashion, is it important for you?

Loui: Sustainable fashion is incredibly important, but I would be lying if I said I was much involved and that I was buying second hand clothing. But I like to buy clothes made from recycled material.


Resteröds: What is your relationship to Resteröds?

Loui:  I´ve always loved Resteröd  clothing because of many different reasons, both before my sex change and now. I contacted Resteröds and asked if they wanted to do a collaboration with me, and they were very positive about it, which made me very happy. That alone is a big victory-that such a big brand indirectly shows its values and chooses to do this with me, a transsexual guy. That´s how we move forward as a society, I am incredibly happy and proud of it. It is one thing to talk about values and don't do anything about it, Resteröds is a brand that takes words and transform them into action. Only then can we take the next step forward! I want to say thank you for that❤️


Resteröds: Wow that's amazing! Together we are strong. Thanks Loui, keep up with the good and important work that you do! We are proud of you. Peace.