interview with Fredrik Bjerrehuus

Wrestling athlete


Instagram: @fredrikbjerrehuus

Resteröds: Hi Fred! How are you?

Fredik: I’m good! Working on my craft, to get better an stronger.


Resteröds: Can you please tell us what connection you have to Resteröds since you’re one of our ambassadors?

Fredik: My best friend who passed away last winter used to wear your cloth a lot. We had the same taste within cloth. I like to look good and be styled up, but I prefer the more casual look, than always wearing a suit! I also know the cloth is being made with great consideration to the environment, which is important to me!

Resteröds: Oh! Sorry to hear that. Great way to remember him! You had some special plans this summer! Can you tell us what they were?

Fredik: My plans for this whole year and summer was to be Olympic Champion in Tokyo 2020, but unfortunately the COVID-19 postponed the Olympics to summer 2021! That means the hard work and hustle keeps going on.

Resteröds: Can you tell us what it takes to make it to the Olympics? What does your weekdays look like?

Fredik: My normal week is always planned. Two training sessions every day, keeping a strict diet meaning eating clean and taking care of my family and relationships as much as I can when I don't travel around the world on trainings camps.

Resteröds: Finally, can you please tell us what you like about our brand?

Fredik: Resteröds is a perfect match for me! I love the shape of the cloth - it fits me perfectly and I can wear it at all events! But most of all, the good quality is everything for me.


Resteröds: We’re happy to hear you’re doing fine Fred! Good luck with the training and we’ll keep our fingers crossed in the Olympics next summer!