Interview with Faustix


Music producer & DJ

IG: @faustix


Hi Faustix! How are you doing?


Hi! Under the circumstances I’m doing fine. But wish things was different.

Faustix in Resteröds
Faustix in fleecevest


2020! What a challenging year! Put 2020 into words for us please


Frustrating as hell!

Started out as any other year. But then things got flipped 180.

Everything I had in the calendar got cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

So waiting impatiently for the world to get back to normal again.


Frustrating for sure! Even though there haven’t been many positive things during 2020, have you had some positive experiences despite?


They say there is no light without dark, so yeah there have of course also been some good times during 2020.

I have been able to spend more time with my lovely family.

I had the chance to participate in dancing with the stars.

And we have our own Tv-show going on at the moment.

And furthermore, I have had more time to be in the studio to make some music, that hopefully will bring people some joy.


Alright bud! Thanks for your time, we really appreciate it!


No problem, anytime!


And just an heads up for the readers. Do not cheat yourselves! Go check out the new single from Faustix “Happy Place”

You can find it on Sportify, Itunes, etc.

Concert with Faustix