interview with Anton & Allegra

Tattoo artists


Antons Instagram: @tattoosbyanton

Allegras Instagram: @allegratattoo_

Resteröds - Hello Anton and Allegra, how’re you doing?

Anton - We are doing just fine, thank you! 


Resteröds - You guys are such a lovely couple! Tell us about how you met?

Anton - Well, I was adopted from Colombia and came to Sweden when i was 4 months old. Some years back I was in Colombia to meet my biological family. During this trip I was spending a lot of time in Medellin, where Allegra was living.

Allegra- Yes, I had recently moved from my home country, Venezuela, to Colombia and I wanted to get to know new people. I decided to start with tinder. and that's when I matched with Anton. After a couple of days chatting, we went on our first date in a park in Medellin. We had a good vibe from the first moment.

Anton - I immediately realized that there was something special about her, it may sound cliché, but I have been in love with her since the first second, so I really married my dream girl. 

Resteröds - Congratulations once again! Any tips on what to do if visiting Colombia? 

Allegra - You have to go to Medellin, it’s my favorite city. The weather is perfect, the people are so kind, and the city has a really good vibe. It’s a very creative place. 

Anton - Definitely Medellin, and Valle de Cocora, a national park that has the tallest palm trees in the world. And my other favorite place is a small hostel by the Caribbean cost where you sleep, eat, skate, surf and repeat called Costeno Beach.

Resteröds - Where are you right now and what’re you up to?

Allegra - We are starting up our new life here in Sweden, I’m studying Swedish and learning about the Swedish culture.

Anton - Allegra is also teaching me how to make tattoos. She is one of the best tattoo artists that I’ve met, and we’re soon about to start our own company together.


Resteröds – That sounds cool. What does the plans look like for the near future?

Allegra - We are trying to get better as artists every day and are dedicating all our time to what we love the most, tattooing, which is the passion we share.

Anton - Yes, our goal is to open up our own tattoo studio after the summer, in Stockholm!


Resteröds - What´s your relationship to Resteröds, and why do you wear our stuff?

Anton - Well I’ve have sold your clothes some years ago and I love how you combine fashion and comfort. The really wide pants are my all-time favorite. I can wear them to everything!

Allegra - Yes, those pants are the best you have, and I always borrow those short sleeve shirts from you! For me, I really love the story of the brand!


Resteröds - We’re looking forward to following you into the future! Good luck with everything!